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Auscoinswest currently have 106 souvenir coins to collect at over 73 exciting tourist locations around Western Australia with more coming soon.

The Auscoinswest souvenir coin provides a fantastic connection with your holiday around our State of Western Australia as each coin has been specifically designed to reflect the location you visited.
Each time you look through your collector's album, you will fondly remember the place you bought the coins.

The Auscoinswest souvenir coin is a high quality brass coin designed and manufactured right here in Western Australia. Distributed from highly recognisable vending machines, you will easily find them wherever you go around WA. Images of some of the machines are scattered throughout our website. Pick up a collector's album from any site and fill it with souvenir coins as you travel around discovering our great State of WA.

Visit our website before you set off on your travels and refer to it regularly as you go so that you won't miss any interesting sites or opportunities to collect the souvenir coins.

Please visit our website regularly to find out about our "newest site additions" as the latest gold rush to hit Western Australia spreads!